The artisan tradition of Elegance... Made in Italy

asteriscoNoemiCherry  ®NoemiCherry ®is a brand specialized in textiles, to create products for hotels, restaurants, catering, SPA , Industrial laundries and cruise companies. The passion and dexterity allow the realization of particular products with an high quality, further highlighted by the collaboration with the best Italian and foreign professionals.
Knowledge and technology ensure constant production with high quality standards. The tissues study of the Italian artisan tradition has allowed the reproduction of typical elements of the eighteenth century, trying to preserve the prestige and wealth that still shine in Italian palaces. Each creation is a unique work of NoemiCherry ®, characterized by sophisticated processing techniques. The company combines the craftsmanship of its products to a focus on technological innovation and new materials. In recent years there has been a considerable increase in the demand for innovative products, both in terms of quality and form of use. NoemiCherry ® creates special furniture and design favoring the needs of the designer and recommends the best embodiment. The goal of NoemiCherry ® is to provide answers to global customers increasingly more demanding. Propose endless visions of furniture integrating all the design elements that characterize the location to which the creations are designed.

Unique creations

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